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Zhangjiajie Food
Zhangjiajie Food

The Top 10 Zhangjiajie Foods You Must Try

Find out what to eat in Zhangjiajie? This Zhangjiajie food list has the top Zhangjiajie dishes and snacks and recommended restaurants to find them in.

Zhangjiajie cuisine is a blend of traditional Hunan cuisine (also known as Xiang cuisine) and local Tujia minority cuisine. It is featured with sour and spicy flavors.

1. Sanxia Guo (a hot pot with three ingredients)


Sanxia Guo, a Zhangjiajie classic, should be your first meal in Zhangjiajie. It is a kind of Tujia ethnic hotpot. It is so named because it was originally cooked with three ingredients together, bacon, tofu and radish.

Nowadays, more ingredients are added, such as fat intestine, tripe of pork, beef belly, lamb belly ox and sheep and other ingredient.

There are two kinds of this dish, dry hot and soup hot. It usually tastes very spicy. If you don't eat spicy food, you'd better not try it.

  • Chinese: 三下锅 sān xià guō
  • Recommended restaurant: Mr. Hu Restaurant (胡师傅三下锅)
  • Address: 897 Ziwu Road, Yongding District
  • Price: 50 yuan (USD 7)

2. Sour and Salted Fish

Sour and Salted Fish
Sour and Salted Fish

You’ve probably heard of sweet and sour fish in China. Sour and salted fish is a Tujia flavor dish. In order to preserve fish in summer, Tujia people marinate the fish with salt, pepper, wine and other seasonings and then store it in a clay pot for half a month.

The main cooking technique of this dish is frying. It has a crispy outer skin and the meat inside is beautifully cooked and tender, thanks to all that deep frying goodness! It will surely refresh you on a fatigued hot day due to its sourness.

  • Chinese: 酸酢鱼 suān cù yú
  • Recommended restaurant: Mr. Tang Tujia Restaurant (唐师傅土家食府)
  • Address: Wuling Avenue, Wulingyuan District 永定区武陵大道
  • Price: 30 yuan(USD 4.5)

3. Smoked Blood Tofu

Smoked Blood Tofu
Smoked Blood Tofu

This is a classic Zhangjiajie dish. It is a mix of tofu, pork, pork blood and some seasonings such as pepper, chili, and salt. The mix is made into chunks and then smoked for over a month. It is delicious to have all flavors of tofu, bacon pork, and blood.

In the past, this dish can only be eaten during Chinese New Year Festival. Now, it has become part of local people’s daily cuisine and a must-try dish when you visit Zhangjiajie.

  • Chinese: 血豆腐xiě dòu fu
  • Recommended restaurant: Hetianxia Ecological Restaurant (禾田下生态餐厅)
  • Address: Guanliping Street, Huatian Cheng, Yongding District 永定区官黎坪街道华天城金街
  • price: 30 yuan (USD 4.5)

4. Cold Noodles

Cold Noodles
Cold Noodles

Liangmian or cold noodles is a dish that can be found anywhere across Zhangjiajie. While some restaurants offer cold noodles, some of the tastiest noodles can be found in small stalls hidden in the lanes.

It is a simple but delicious dish. It has only two main ingredients: noodles and vegetable pieces. Mix the noodles and vegetables pieces, and add a variety of seasonings such as garlic, ginger, chili oil, pepper, peanuts, scallion, etc.

It is an ideal lunch time snack for visitors short on time as it is usually ready seconds after you order. As an added bonus it is very inexpensive.

  • Chinese: 凉面 liáng miàn
  • Recommended restaurant: Zhunaoke Restaurant (猪脑壳餐厅)
  • Address: Longji Restaurant in the alley behind Jinghao Hotel, Yongding District 永定区景豪酒店后面小巷的龙记凉面
  • Price: 12 yuan (USD 1.8)

5. Tujia Steamed Pork Belly

Tujia Steamed Pork Belly
Tujia Steamed Pork Belly

Tujia steamed pork belly is another dish incredibly popular with local people. It is an essential dish at a banquet.

This dish is tricky and time-consuming to create. Take pork belly as raw material, cut into large slices, then steam with some preserved mustard and seasoning in a steamer for 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

This dish is good with steamed rice or you can simply top the pork slices over noodles.

  • Chinese: 土家扣肉tǔjiā kòu ròu
  • Recommended restaurant: Hetianxia Ecological Restaurant (禾田下生态餐厅)
  • Address: Guanliping Street, Huatian Cheng, Yongding District 永定区官黎坪街道华天城金街
  • Price: 40 yuan (USD 6)

6. Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts

Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts
Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts

Chinese chestnut tastes delicious and is rich in nutrition. It is a popular snack among Chinese people and is also often used in dishes. Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts is a typical dish in Zhangjiajie. Wulingyuan, where the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is located, is rich in chestnut.

This dish originated in the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644 A.D.) when the chestnut was occasionally brought into the imperial palace, and then Stewed chicken with Chestnuts became an important dish of the imperial feast.

The autumn is the best time to enjoy this dish because fresh chestnuts are in season.

  • Chinese: 板栗炖鸡bǎnlì dùnjī
  • Recommended restaurant: Wulong Shanzhai Restaurant (乌龙山寨餐厅)
  • Address: Dayong Food Stree , Yongding District 永定区大庸府城美食街
  • Price: 40 yuan (USD6)

7. The Fried Sweet Dumplings

The Fried Sweet Dumplings
The Fried Sweet Dumplings

It is common to eat sweet dumplings, but have you eaten fried sweet dumplings? The sweet dumplings are wrapped in flour and cheese powder, and deep fried in the oil for two minutes. Then fry the dumplings with shallot and pepper.

Compared to the soft glutinous rice dumplings, fried rice dumplings are crispy on the outside and glutinous in the inside. When you bite into them, they are rich in taste and extremely fragrant.

  • Chinese: 炒汤圆chǎotang yuán
  • Recommended restaurant: NanmenkouFried Sweet DumplingsRestaurant (南门口炒汤圆)
  • Address: Huilong Road , Yongding District 永定区回龙路
  • Price: 20 yuan (USD 3)

8. Straw Hat Noodles

Straw Hat Noodles
Straw Hat Noodles

In Zhangjiajie, "straw hat noodles" is one of the most distinctive traditional snacks. it is a bowl of noodles doused with a secret sauce made with pork meat.

There is a legend about "straw hat noodles". Long ago, there was a virtuous wife who wore a straw hat and went from street to street to sell her hand-rolled noodles in order to relieve her husband's burden. Then her noodles were later known as "straw hat noodles".

  • Chinese: 草帽面cǎo mào miàn
  • Recommended restaurant: Xiongshi Straw Hat Noodles Restaurant (熊氏草帽面)
  • Address: Huilong Road , Yongding District 永定区人民路49
  • Price: 7 yuan (USD 1)

9. Steamed Smoked Dish

Steamed Smoked Dish
Steamed Smoked Dish

Smoked dishes are very popular in Zhangjiajie. Steamed smoked dish is a traditional famous dish in Hunan Province. It is made of various smoked dishes such as smoked pork, smoked chicken, and preserved fish.

There is a story about this delicious food. It is said that in ancient times, there was a man who left his home for some reasons and started his vagabonding life.

At the end of the Chinese lunar year when local people traditionally made smoked dishes, he had no choice but to go begging along the street. He collected some smoked dishes and steamed together. It surprised tasted good.

  • Chinese: 腊味合蒸là wèi hé zhēng
  • Recommended restaurant:Xiangzhong Family Restaurant (湘众人家)
  • Address: B 20, Xintiandi, Biaozhi Gate, Wulingyuan District 永定区标志门新天地B20
  • Price: 30 yuan (USD 4.3)

10. Loach Drilling through Tofu

Loach Drilling through Tofu

The dish of loach drilling through tofu is very popular when it comes to traditional Zhangjiajie cuisine.

This dish looks quite simple, only loach and tofu. But it is skillful to cook it. Put the loaches into the pot with tender tofu, heat them up and they will drill into tofu in chaos, and add seasonings such as chopped scallions, monosodium glutamate and ginger.

  • Chinese: 泥鳅钻豆腐ní qiū zuān dòu fu
  • Recommended restaurant: Wulong Shanzhai (乌龙山寨)
  • Address: 2/F, Xinhua Tiancheng Golden Street, Yongding District 永定区新华天城二楼
  • Price: 30 yuan (USD 4.3)

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