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Bailong Elevator: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Go

Bailong Elevator, literally meaning “Hundred Dragons Elevator”, is a world-famous attraction in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. It is a wonder that perfectly combines unique natural beauty and magnificent engineering.

This article covers all the facts and travel information about Bailong Elevator, from how to get there and how to visit.

1. Where is Bailong Elevator?

The Bailong Elevator is located in the World’s Natural Heritage Wulingyuan Scenic Area ofZhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China. It is very close to Yuanjiajie, the core scenic area of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The magnificent elevator stretches along the stone pillars that inspired the floating mountains in the movie “Avatar.”

2.Why you should ride Bailong Elevator?

Bailong Elevator itself is an impressive feat of engineering.It is the world's tallest outdoor sightseeing elevator certified by the Guinness Book of Records. The whole elevator is built on the vertical of the mountain, with a vertical height difference of 335 meters and a running height of 326 meters.

It also won another two Guinness Book of Records awards: the fastest sightseeing elevator in the world and the sightseeing elevator with the largest capacity in the world. It is exciting to take a ride of the record-breaking creation.

Bailong Elevator provides a fantastic way to marvel at the natural beauty of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.The midway of the travel can have a view of the outside to witness the beauty of the sandstone formation. When riding on the Bailong Ladder, you can admire one of Zhangjiajie's top ten scenic spots-Shenbing Juhui (the gathering of super soldiers). The attraction is located directly opposite the Bailong ladder and consists of forty-eight pinnacles.

Bailong Elevator helps you save a lot of time and energy.It takes just over 1 minute to take the Bailong Elevator to the core scenic area of Wulingyuan National Forest Park to see Avatar Mountains. If you don't take the elevator, you have to hike up or down the mountain, which takes about 3 hours.

3. How the Bailong Elevator was Built?

It is composed of a 154-meter vertical shaft and a 172-meter post-mount steel structure derrick. It uses three double-layer fully exposed sightseeing elevators to operate in parallel, and the whole journey takes only 66 seconds.

Because the Bailong Elevator was constructed vertically, for safety, more than 4,000 anchor rods were drilled on the rock wall, and steel welded and shotcrete was used between the anchor rods to form a 170-meter-high reinforced concrete wall. There are also 15 anchor ropes with a length of 30-60 meters.

To protect the mountains and vegetation to the greatest extent during construction, large-scale shelling was avoided as much as possible, using purely manual and mechanical methods.

Up to now, Bailong Elevator has safely transported 40 million tourists in 16 years with zero accidents!

4. When and why the Bailong Elevator was built?

Bailong Elevator started construction in 1999 and was completed in 2002. The total cost of the elevator was 180 million yuan or USD 30 million.

The construction of the Bailong Elevator not only greatly facilitates the visit of tourists, but also effectively optimizes the management of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie.

It shortens the original mountain road of more than 3 hours or more than 5 hours of driving to 66 seconds. It provides great convenience for tourists who can save themselves from a very tiring walk along the alternative mountain trails.

The elevator allows people to “go sightseeing up the mountain during the day, stay down the mountain at night in one day." It plays an important role in moving the sites of hotels and other reception facilities out of the scenic area. It helps to effectively protect the environment.

5. How to see Bailong Elevator?

Of course, the best way to experience Bailong Elevator is to ride it. You can choose to take it to go up or down the mountain. We recommend riding the elevator to go up. When the elevator rushes out of the mountain, Bailong Elevator is a moving observation deck. You can have a view of the outside through the panoramic glass and witness the beauty of the sandstone formation.

If you want to take panoramic photos of Bailong Elevator,  you can get to the Fields in the Air (空中田园) which is at the opposite of the elevator.

6. How to Get to Bailong Elevator?

Bailong Elevator is located in Yuanjiajie of Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie. The major cities have trains and planes to Zhangjiajie. From Zhangjiajie Railway Station, you can take tourist shuttle buses to reach the national forest park. If you take a plane, you must first get to the urban area ofZhangjiajie, and then take a shuttle bus to the scenic spot.

There are five entrance gates to the national forest park. We recommend entering from the east gate Wujiayu Ticket Station (吴家裕门票站) or the south gate Zimugang Ticket Station (梓木岗门票站) from where you can take a free shuttle bus and, get off at Bailong Elevator  Station.

7. How much to ride Bailong Elevator?

For the Bailong Elevator in Wulingyuan Scenic Area, the tickets need to be bought separately, not included in the tickets for the scenic area.

The elevator fare is 72 yuan for one way and 144 yuan for a round trip. The ticket for the national forest park is 245 yuan plus 3 yuan insurance.

8. Is it worthy or not to ride the elevator?

Bailong Elevator received mixed reviews. You can have a look at them and make your decision on your own.

“Very expensive one-way ticket, would probably be chosen the walk down option if time permit for me. Nothing really amazing to be honest, just another high elevator but this time round, found in a big National Park rather than any other cities.”

“I took the ride in the evening. I was squeezed at the door and I couldn't see anything and. It was hot and squeezed.”

“Bailong Ladder is magnificent. The fastest way to get down from mountain top offering you a never before experience and scenic view.”

“This is definitely a must-not-miss item. You need to purchase a ticket to ride and the views are spectacular. Tall with window views.”

I rode the elevator one time and I didn’t regret it. It is recommended that you take a one-way try.

Otherwise, you never know what it feels like.

9. How to avoid crowds?

As one of the most famous attractions in Zhangjiajie, Bailong Elevator attracts a large number of visitors every day. During peak season, it is not impossible to queue for 2-3 hours to ride the elevator.

You are recommended to arrive at the national park early in the morning and book tickets in advance.

Remember to avoid Chinese holidays, such as Chinese New Year and the Golden Week (week of October 1 and May 1).

You can buy a round-trip ticket, and then you can use special access with fewer people. Try to be the first one to enter the elevator and stand beside the window so that you can get the broadest view.

10. How to go down the mountain without riding the Bailong Elevator?

If you don’t want to ride Bailong Elevator, you can consider taking the Tianzi Mountain cable car to go up the mountain and then hike down from Yuanjiajie Scenic Area. You can start from the Back Garden (后花园) and walk down the slope named Luancuan Po (乱窜坡), and finally arrive at the Golden Whip Stream from where you can take a shuttle bus to the entrance.

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