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Terracotta Warriors and Horses

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Xi’an is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, with more than 3,100 years of history. Our customized tour will take you to visit the attractions which are most famously of an ancient nature. You will be impressed by the incredible Terra Cotta Army. The Ancient City Wall and Wild Goose Pagodas will also show the history and culture of this fascinating place.

  • Xian City Wall In Winter

    3-Day Xian Highlights Tour

    Xian, the capital city of 13 imperial dynasties, is praised as the birthplace of China’s civilization. Known as the Natural History Museum, Xian will present you with lots of historical spots, including the Terra Cotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda. You will also experience a family visit with homely cooked a la carte lunch and know more about the local people's life.

    3 days from $398pp

  • Shanxi History Musuem

    2-day Xian Heritages Tour

    Xian, one of the oldest cities in China, is rich in historical relies. To take the well-arranged tour, you will visit the highlights of the ancient city, such as the amazing Terra Cotta Warriors, City Wall. Besides appreciating the magnificence of the heritages, you will also learn more about thousands-of-years of Chinese history and culture.

    2 days from $298pp

  • Terra Cotta Warriors And Horses

    1-Day Xian Terracotta Warriors Tour

    Xian, reputed as a famous historical city in the world, has numerous tourist attractions. In this one-day tour, you will visit the essence of this ancient city, including the World’s Eight Wonder - Terracotta Warriors, famous Buddhist pagoda - the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the well-preserved City Wall.

    1 days from $138pp

  • Walking Way On Cliff Of Mt Hua

    4-day Xian Essence and Mt.Huashan Tour

    The well-designed 4-day trip will take you to visit the highlights of the ancient Xian, such as Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, City Wall. Moreover, we will show you the magnificence of Famen Temple. You will find China’s glorious past from the collection of Shaanxi History Museum.

    4 days from $598pp

  • Longmen Grottoes

    1-Day Luoyang Tour from Xian

    To take a high-speed train journey for about 1.5 hours, you will come to Luoyang, one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. This one day tour will present you with the highlights of the ancient city, including the treasure home of ancient stone-carving art - Longmen Grottoes and the essence Kung Fu Show in Shaolin Temple.

    1 days from $238pp

  • Towers In Shaolin Temple Of Dengfeng

    5-days Xian and Luoyang

    Take a 2-hour train journey to Luoyang which is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. We will take you to enjoy the highlights of the ancient city, including Longmen Caves, Shaolin Monastery and the 'Cradle of Buddhism’ - White Horse Temple.

    5 days from $698pp

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