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Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors Tours from Beijing

Want to visit Terracotta Army from Beijing? Our well-designed Terracotta Warriors Tours from Beijing are perfect for you. The world-famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses is in Xi’an, 1000 km away from Beijing. You can take flights, bullet trains, or both ways for the tour.

If your time is limited, you can just visit the Terracotta Warriors and return to Beijing the same day. Or if your time permits, you can stay one night in Xi’an, to explore more interesting sites. Check our Terracotta Warriors tours from Beijing as below.

How to get to Terracotta Warriors from Beijing?

The Terracotta Warriors is in Xi'an, in Central China. While Beijing is in northern China. Thanks to the convenient transportation, you could do a Terracotta Warriors day tour from Beijing.

Get to Terracotta Warriors from Beijing by High-speed train

The high-speed trains from Beijing to Xi’an last for four and half hours. The earliest one starts from 6:30 in the morning while the last one runs from about 7pm. The train is available each hour. Tickets cost from USD80 to USD250 for different level of seats.

If you like, you can try the overnight train (fast train), it lasts for about 14 hours. You could choose one arriving in the early norming. In this way, you can save one-night hotel and have more time for tour in Xi’an.

Get to Terracotta Warriors from Beijing by flight

The flight from Beijing to Xi’an last for 2 hours and 10 minutes. There are enough flights for your choice. The flight is available nearly every hour half, from around 7 am to 9 pm.

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