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5 Miao People Playing Music

15-Day China Ethnic Minority Tour

Tour Facts

  • Tour Days: 2189 days
  • Tour Code: CH-8
  • Tour Price: From US$15/Person
  • Destination: Kunming, Lijiang, Guiyang, Kaili, Rongjiang, Congjiang, Zhaoxing, Sanjiang, Longsheng, Guilin, Yangshuo

Detail Itinerary

The Chinese population consists of ninety percent of Han ethnic people and ten percent of multi-ethnic people. You will have a chance to meet several ethnic groups during the tour and see how their life looks like.

  • Our guide will pick you up outside the arrival hall at Kunming Airport and transfer you to the hotel in downtown area. The remainder of the day is on your own to explore the city.

    Meals: No

  • Today, you will take an early morning flight to Lijiang. Our guide will pick you up at the airport and escort you to the hotel. Begin your tour with visit to Baisha Village which is situated at the north of Lijiang Old Town. Basha Village was the earliest settlement of Naxi people. During the history from 14th to early 20th century, this village had been the economic and political hub of Lijiang. To better understand the traditional customs and Naxi people's life, you will have a visit to a local Naxi family. In addition to the ancient palaces and pavilions, you will also appreciate the charming Baisha Murals reflecting the harmonious coexistence of Buddhism, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism through the mixed style of Tibet, Han and Naxi. Then continue the journey to Yuhu Village to see the Former Residence of Joseph Rock, a famous Austria-American expat who introduced Lijiang to the rest of world. The tour will end with a visit to the Square Street which is located at the heard of Lijiang Old Town.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • You will have a whole day free today to explore the ancient town. It is wise to get up early in the morning to take a walk on the stone-paved streets. You can easily take several beautiful photos during the quiet and peaceful time. The hospitable vendors with various souvenirs give you another feeling of the old town late in the bustling daytime. At night, you may invite some friends to a bars or café to have a drink, enjoy the colorful nightlife of the ancient town.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • Early in this morning, you will fly to Kunming. Your first visit in Kunming today is Stone Forest at Lunan after your arrival. The tall rocks seem to emanate from the ground in the manner of stalagmites, with many looking like petrified trees thereby creating the illusion of a forest made of stone. In addition to the beauty of waterfall, lakes, woods and you will also be attracted by the caves. You will have a nice stay at the best local hotel in Lunan.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • We will proceed to Guizhou Province today by Shizong and Xingyi. If we have time, will pay a visit on the way to a local Tobacco Farm and a local Market to appreciate the picturesque scenery and know more of the local villager’s customs. In Xingyi, a excursion to Guizhou Folk Museum of Wedding Rituals in an old family yard will give you the chance to see the finely-decorated special buildings and the traditional wedding customs of Miao and Buyi minorities. You will stay at the best local hotel in Xingyi for two nights.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • Today's tour will begin with a visit to Wan Feng Lin (Ten-Thousand Peaks Forest), reputed as one of the three most famous karst formations in southwestern China. With nearly 20,000 of hills and peaks dotted in a picturesque disorder, your imagination will be provoked while you look at them. Then continue the tour with visit to Maling River Canyon, a 74.8-kilometer-long crack created from the crustal movement about seventy million years and is famous for its deep rift, waterfalls and calcium tapestries. A hiking about 2 hours will be ahead of you to Tianxing Gallery (Heaven-star Gallery), the most splendid part of Maling River Canyon Scenic Area. You will be deeply impressed by the magnificent landscape including the 13 amazing waterfalls.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • En route to Huangguoshu, you will explore the Zuoqi Black Miao Village in the morning. You will appreciate their traditions in the village. The Miao people dress up black clothes and the women wears large silver earrings. Then head for Buyi People Village where you will learn the ancient way of spinning and weaving. Late afternoon, you will reach Huangguoshu and check in at the best local hotel.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • Your highlights today will be the visit to Huangguoshu Waterfall, the Asia’s biggest waterfall. You can find 18 waterfalls with different width and height. The most famous one is 77.8 meters (255 feet) high and 101 meters (331 feet) wide. The amazing cave behind the waterfall, singular rocks and trees fascinate every visitor there. Then continue the tour to visit Qingyan Ancient Town, which was firstly built as a military town more than 600 years ago with distinctive constructions. Then turn to Guiyang and check in the hotel. After that, head for Jiaxiu Tower which is the symbol of Guiyang City. Experienced six-time large restorations from ancient to modern times, it has been a witness of the history and development of the city.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • Today, we will drive around 170 km from Guiyang to Kaili where we will overnight at the best local hotel. In the afternoon, take excursion to Shiqiao Miao Village to see the traditional way of paper-making. You could still see the whole set of implement and the process of traditional paper-making during your visit. Then our tour will be extended to Qingman Miao Village. We will arrange you a local family visit . It is a good chance for you to approach local people and learn about their life. You will be impressed by the typical Miao architectures which are joint by tenon and mortise other than nail. The wooden stilt houses are always built on hillsides or slopes with pyramid-shape roofs.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • In the morning, you will stop over at Jidao Long-skirt Miao Village on the way to Rongjiang. After a history of hundreds of years, the villagers still keep the custom of wearing long skirts. It is well-know for the bluestone-paved streets, the ancient folk song and the granaries. Then continue the tour to a neighbor village to appreciate pottery-making there. In the afternoon, you will proceed to Datang Short-skirt Miao Village, where the villagers have kept their traditional short skirt costume over five hundred years. The local women were believed to have the same hairstyle popular in Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). In addition, the granaries built on a pond are also interesting constructions. Our last visit today will be to a Shui People's Village. Your unforgettable experience on Chinese ethnic groups will be created by the special wooden stilt houses, traditional costumes and custom of Shui people. Late afternoon, you will reach at Rongjiang and check in the best local hotel.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • Today's first stop is Basha Miao Village, where the villagers have maintained their unique code of dress, which dates back to the Qin Dynasty(221BC-206 BC). A Gaozeng Dong People's Village will follow. After lunch, proceed to the Chinese largest Dong village in Zhaoxing. You will see the famous and amazing drum towers group making up from five drum towers in different styles and sizes. Later in the afternoon, you will check in the best local hotel.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • The morning tour will be the visit to Tang'an Dong Village, which is regarded as the first ecological museum of Dong people which specializes in its ladle-shaped well and beautiful terraced fields. Then, we will transfer you for Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge in Sanjiang and other neighbor Dong villages. Being regarded as the one of the most typical constructions of Dong people, the Wind and Rain Bridge consists of corridor, bridge and pavilion, offering a space for people to prevent from wind and rain. Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge has been standing there for more than 96 years and is the biggest one among all. Late afternoon, you will arrive at Longsheng and check in the best local hotel.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • Today's visit will begin with a visit to the marvelous Longsheng Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces. Spreading layer upon layer from the foot of Longji Mountain to the top, the astonishing rice terraces were created by the wise and diligent Zhuang minority people from generation to generation. Then head for a Yao People's Village nearby to see their beautiful natural scenery and special Yao customs. Later in the afternoon, you will be escorted to Guilin and check in the local hotel where you will stay for three nights.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • Another highlight will be meet today when you take the cruise to Yangshuo along the Li River. You will appreciate the picturesque landscapes all the way during the cruise, the weaving peaks, clear water and buffalo pulling the plough. When the Cruise dock in Yangshuo, you can choose to have a take a cycling trip or an open-air mini-bus trip to enjoy the real countryside in Yangshuo and have a close touch to the local life by a follow up visit to a local villager's family. Before night, we will transfer you to your hotel in Guilin.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

  • Before departure, you will have a visit to Reed Flute Cave, which features spectacular karst landscape. You can appreciate many interesting sites including Crystal Palace, Dragon Pagoda and Virgin Forest. Then head for the Seven Star Park , the biggest park in Guilin. After that, continue the tour with visit to the Elephant Trunk Hill. You will be surprised by the huge rock looking like an elephant drinking water from the river. After the city visits, our guide will transfer you to the airport and assist you to check in at the airport. Wish you a pleasant trip.

    Meals: Breakfast

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