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Water Town

Shanghai Water Town Tours

If you are visiting Shanghai, a water town tour is a top thing you should do. A water town is good place to know the local life, culture and history of eastern China like Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. There are no skyscrapers of modern Shanghai, but you can see a lot of ancient buildings and bridges over river in water towns.

Have limited time and want to visit a water town close to Shanghai? Our one-day Zhujiajiao water town tour is perfect for you. Want to experience the night of water town? Try the tour to Wuzhen water town. Want to avoid the crowd? You may like Nanxun water town in Hangzhou, it is a small one and few people know it, but beautiful equally. No matter what you want, we can always meet your needs.

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Hot Shanghai Water Town Tours

These are the most popular water town tours from Shanghai. Among every 10 people interested in water town tours, 7 will choose one from tours as below. You can also make some changes to the tours if needed.

Map of Water Towns around Shanghai

Water Town Tours + Suzhou

These tours include visit to water town and things to see and do in Suzhou from Shanghai. Famous for its water towns and ancient gardens, Suzhou has more for your exploration. Most of these tours are doable within 1 day.

Water Town Tours + Hangzhou

Besides water town visit, these tours also include visits of highlights in Hangzhou. Most of these tours require two days to finish.

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