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Big Statue Of Guanyin

Putuoshan Tour

Our Putuoshan tours provide a wide range of choices. From tour packages with different days to trips with transfer from nearby cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, or Ningbo. You can easily select one fit for your needs. If you want to travel to Mount Putuo on your own, our private transfer to Putuoshan can also help you to make your trip easier.

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Top 3 Putuoshan Tours

The most popular Putuoshan tour is a 2-day trip. However, if your time is listed, 1-day tight tour is also available. Or, if you want to spend more time to enjoy the beauty and inner peace, 3-day relaxing tour are offered to you. All tour can start from, Ningbo, Zhoushan and Mount Putuoshan.

  • Beach In Mount Putuo

    1-Day Putuoshan Tour

    One day fast tour to visit the main sites of Putuoshan. You will see the amazing big statue of Guanyin, and two temples. Pick-up from town of Ningbo or Zhoushan is included.
  • Mammoth Statue Of Guanyin

    2-Day Putuoshan Tour

    Spend two days to learn the history and stories of Buddhism in Putuoshan island. Visit all highlights, including the mammoth statue of Guanyin, Puji Temple, Fayu temple and Huiji Temples.
  • Sleeping Buddha In Putuoshan

    3-Day Putuoshan Tour

    Three days in-depth tour to Putuo Shan. After two-day visits to all the must-see sites on the island, still have one day free to explore other great sites in Mount Putuo.

Mount Putuo Tour Packages from Nearby Cities

If you live, travel or take do business in Shanghai, Hangzhou or Ningbo and want to do a side trip to Putuoshan during your stay or in a weekend, these tours are perfect for you. These tours include private transfer to/from Mount Putuo, so you don’t need to take the non-English service bus to Putuoshan. And it is time efficient.

Map of Putuoshan Nearby Cities

Map of Putuoshan Nearby Cities

Transfer to Mount Putuo

We understand that the bus from Shanghai, Hangzhou or Ningbo to Putuoshan is a big challenge to most foreign passenger as there is no English service. Our private transfer service will make your trip to Mount Putuo easy. Just tell us the date and time you want to visit Putuoshan, we will get you there.

Map of Putuoshan

Putuoshan Map

Trips to Putuoshan

Shanghai to Putuoshan
people in street of Lhasa

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