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Flowers And Birds Market

Kunming Flowers & Birds Market

Kunming, also called Spring City for its pleasant climate, is covered with blooming flowers and lush vegetation all the time. If you are interested in flowers or birds, you should not miss the city’s largest Flowers and Birds Market in Jingxing Street.

Originally built in 1983, the Flowers and Birds Market has developed into a comprehensive public spot for leisure, shopping, and trading. The street is lined with variety of shops and stalls, especially those featuring flowers, birds, and fish.

The market is full of beautiful blossoms and delicate plant crafts. You can choose you favorite from hundreds of flowers, including orchids, camellias, lilies, roses, and tulips. Made-up boutiques, or potted flowers as well as various styles of vases are also available. As you enjoy the beauty of the flowers, you can also hear continuous bird song from parrots, mynahs, thrushes, and cuckoos. The various fishes which are mainly tropical will also lure you to take some of them to your home aquariums.

Nor are flowers, birds and fishes the main draw here any more. Instead, the Flowers and Birds Market is also a popular trading place boasts a large number of antiques, including curios, coins, jade articles, jewelry, ink stones, porcelains, potteries, stone carvings, and marble products. Here, you can buy some souvenirs for family and friends, such as colorful ethnic costumes with headdresses. Most are handcrafted and very popular with tourists. Besides, you will also find many Western restaurants and shops in the market, where you can stop for a leisurely cup of tea.

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