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Yellow Mountain

Huangshan Tours

Huangshan is definitely one of the top tourist cities in China. Its Yellow Mountain is one of the best mountains in China. Besides, Hongcun Village with its ancient building and amazing architecture makes it one of the most beautiful village in China. It is a great place to be added to your China tour list.

The bullet train from Shanghai to Huangshan takes about 3 hours, making Huangshan a great place for a weekend trip from Shanghai. It is also convenient to combine Huangshan with Hangzhou and Suzhou.

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3 Best Huangshan Tours

Check our hot Huangshan tours for your inspirations of what to do and see in Huangshan. If you cannot find the tours you are interested at, feel free to tell us your needs, we can tailor-made tour just according to your needs.

  • Yellow Mountain In Winter

    3-Day Huangshan Highlights Tour

    • Day 1: Get to Huangshan in the morning, visit Hongcun Ancient Village and Tunxi Ancient Street

    • Day 2: One day visit to Yellow Mountain, overnight on top of mountain

    • Day 3: Half-day Yellow Mountain tour, then transfer to train station or airport for Departure

    3 days from $559pp

  • Yellow Mountain In Spring

    4-Day Yellow Mountain Hiking Tour

    • Day 1: Arrival to Huangshan, take good rest for the following hiking days

    • Day 2: One day hiking up Yellow Mountain from east face for 11 km and 6 hours

    • Day 3: One day hiking on top of mountain to explore the Grand Canyon

    • Day 4: Half day hiking down the Yellow Mountains from west face for about 11 km and 6 hours. Transfer to train station or airport for departure

    4 days from $749pp

  • Photographer Taking Sunset Of Yellow Mountain

    4-Day Huangshan Photography Tour

    • Day 1: Arrival to Huangshan before 11 am, transfer to Hongcun Ancient Village for half day photography tour

    • Day 2: One day Yellow Mountain photography tour

    • Day 3: One day photography trips of West Sea Grand Canyon, sunset and sunrise

    • Day 4: Half day photography tour on top of Yellow Mountain, then get down the mountain for departure

    4 days from $779pp

Huangshan Tours from Shanghai

The convenient transportation between Shanghai and Huangshan make tours to Huangshan from Shanghai easy. Just take a high-speed train from Shanghai for no more than 3 hours to Huangshan, you can climb to Yellow Mountain or explore the ancient villages around Huangshan. Check our well-designed Huangshan tours from Shanghai with round ways trains.

  • Hongcun Ancient Village

    2-Day Huangshan Ancient Village Tour from Shanghai

    • Day 1: Shanghai to Huangshan by Bullet train D3323(start from Shanghai Hongqiao Station in 19:06 and arrive at Huangshan North Station in 21:55).

    • Day 2: Visit Tunxi Ancient Street, Hongcun Ancient Village and Ancient Buildings of Chengkan Village. Then take high-speed train G7314 (start from Huangshan North Station in 17:28 and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Station in 20:30) from Huangshan to Shanghai

    2 days from $258pp

  • Sunrise In Yellow Mountain

    2-Day Yellow Mountain Walking Tour from Shanghai

    • Day 1: Take high-speed train G7301 (start from Shanghai Hongqiao Station in 13:30 and arrive at Huangshan North Station in 16:09). Visit Tunxi Ancient Street on arrival in Huangshan.

    • Day 2: Explore Yellow Mountain for one day, in the afternoon, take the last high-speed train G7314 from Huangshan to Shanghai. The train will start from 17:28 and get you to Shanghai Hongqiao Station in 20:30.

    2 days from $288pp

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