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Guizhou Tours

3 Best Guizhou Tours

Our Guizhou tours will take you to explore ethnic-minority villages which feature traditional wooden houses, exotic dress and original life style. You will enjoy the unspoiled landscapes, breathe fresh air and get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

  • Guiyang Festivals

    5-Day Guizhou Sister's Meal Festival Tour

    The Sister's Meal Festival happens every March 15 according to Chinese lunar calendar. It is an important festival for Miao people in Guiyang Province. This event offers singles opportunities to find a marriage partner. It is an unforgettable distinguished meeting telling legendary stories by songs and dances and featuring beautiful costumes.

    5 days from $698pp

  • 5 Miao People Playing Music

    4-Day Guizhou Miao Ethnic Minority Tour

    For people who are interested in Chinese ethnic minorities, your best choice should be to Guizhou where you can appreciate the distinctive clothes, experience the original culture and interesting festivals. Kaili has the biggest Dong and Miao villages. If you get there on the right time, you will have the opportunity to celebrate the festival together with them. During the festival, the girls are going to wear their exquisitely-made clothes.

    4 days from $598pp

  • Wind And Rain Bridge In Miao Village

    8-Day Guizhou Highlights Tour

    It is a tour filled with ethnical flavors. Because of the basic facilities in these remote areas, it will not be as comfortable as that to big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. However, you will be able to experience the authentic things of these minorities such as Miao and Dong in your deep exploration. Under the guide's assistance, you will understand the villagers and their traditional customs better.

    8 days from $1098pp

people in street of Lhasa

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