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Guiyang Food

The Top 5 Guiyang Foods You Must Try

Blessed with rich culture of minority groups, Guiyang owns various foods which always tempt Guiyang people working outside Guiyang to come back home, and Chinese and foreign tourists to visit here. The food there mainly includes Qian cuisine and local snacks. Qian (Guizhou) Cuisine is characterized by tasting numb and spicy, which are two indispensable elements in Guiyang food.

1. Suan Tang Yu

Suan Tang Yu (Sour Soup Fish) is one the top of the shortlist of Guizhou typical food. A Miao delicacy that’s Guizhou’s most popular dish, the fish are chopped up or dumped whole in a bubbling hotpot. You then add the veggies of your choice and away you go. Great stuff. You can have the dish at Kaili Sour Sour Fish Restaurant (No. 55, Shengfu Lu) which is specialized in the best Suan Tang Yu and is always crowded with locals.

2. Si Wa Wa

Si Wa Wa (Sliced Vegetable Baby), literally means the silk babie because it is made in the shape of a baby in swaddling clothes. In fact, it is a kind of thin rice pancake made of flour. After making the dough in the shape of a swaddling cloth, stuff it with various sliced cooked vegetables such as the carrot, radish, celeries and other vegetables. When you eat this snack, you can add some sour and spicy juices which will make it taste better.

3. Chang Wang Mian

Chang Wang Mian (Chang Wang Noodle), a kind of noodles with a long history of over 1000 years, is the most popular snack among the local people and the tourists. The name of Chang Wang implies auspiciousness. If you want to be blessed with good luck, you should go to taste the Chang Wang Mian.

4. Lian'ai Doufu Guo

Lian'ai Doufu Guo (The Bean Curd in Love) is another famous Guiyang snack. It has an interesting name and also an interesting method of preparation that is to cut a piece of bean curd horizontally, fill it with vegetables and sliced meat, then to toast the bean curd until it turns golden and then sprinkles with sesame oil and other condiments. The finished bean curd tastes excellent! As for its interesting name, it is told that lovers often share the bean curd with each other, which adds romance to the food; hence the name. Locals have this snack together with the soy sauce, vinegar, pepper and shallot.

5. Sha Guo Fen

The local versions of Sha Guo Fen should not be missed. It is a noodle and seafood, meat or vegetable combination placed in a casserole pot and fired over a flame of rocket-launch proportions. The deep-fried skewered potatoes dusted in chili powder are the best in the province.

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