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Guiyang Festivals

The 4 Interesting Guiyang Festivals

Guizhou is characterized by numerous ethnic minority festivals. As the capital city of Guizhou Province, Guiyang is an assembly point for the multi-ethnic people. Amongst the various ethnic groups, the Buyi and the Miao account for the largest population. Every ethnic minority has their own characteristics and owns unique festivals.

1. San Yue San (三月三 in Chinese)

It is one of the traditional festivals of the Buyi people, which is celebrated on the third day of the lunar March. Originally it was related to agricultural production. It is said that the crop will be destroyed by the cutworms every spring. In order to protect their harvest, the Buyi people will spray some fried corn in the farmland to feed these pests. At the same time, the local people will sing and dance outdoors. Presently, the festival has little relationship with the agriculture, and is just a singing feast when the Buyi people gather together in the Xinbao Township, Wudang District of Guiyang City.

2. Liu Yue Liu (六月六 in Chinese)

Liu Yue Liu, literally the sixth day of the six month in Chinese lunar calendar, is a significant festival for the Buyi. On that day, the local peoples will wear their holiday array and come to the Huxi Lake in the Huaxi Town of the Guiyang City to worship the cook's god and the mountain god. Besides worship service, there are singing and dancing performances as well as playing of their musical instruments. It also offers a good opportunity for the young males and females to express love for their beloved ones.

3. Di Xi (地戏 in Chinese)

It is a form of local drama, held at Huaxi on the fifteenth day of the lunar January. The Buyi and other minority groups will gather together to enjoy the drama. The performers put on masks and costumes and engage in dancing and singing. Generally the performance tells a story of a battle or the loyalty between friends of ancient times.

4. Si Yue Ba (四月八 in Chinese)

Time: the eighth day of the lunar April
Si Yue Ba, literally the eighth day of the lunar April, is an important festival for the Miao people to pay homepage to their heroes. On that day, the Miao people wear their typical costumes and gather together at the center of the city. They play the Lusheng (a local instrument) and flute, sing antiphonal songs and show their unique dance. Currently, it is a public carnival for the Han and the other ethnic minorities inhabiting in Guiyang. So, one can enjoy variety of national cultures on that day.

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