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Qingyan Ancient Town

Qingyan Ancient Town

Qingyan Ancient Town, situated in the southern suburb of Guiyang, was originally built in 1378. With its long history and strong cultural atmosphere, it is one of the most famous historical and cultural towns in Guizhou Province. Covering an area of 741 acres, the town has become an attractive destination for numerous domestic and foreign tourists.

At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty (1368--1644), considering its geographical location, Qingyan Town was built for military reasons by Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of Ming Dynasty. It was established as a station for transferring military messages and to house a standing army. Have been modified and restored for many times, Qingyan Ancient Town has gradually become a distinctive ancient town featuring Ming and Qing Dynasties’ (1644 - 1911) culture.

In the small-size ancient town, you will see a well-planned architectural style, hundreds of sites of relics, and experience a unique local culture.

While visiting the town, you will find that the town was built completely of stone for the reason of the local geology. Qingyan is divided into inner and outer towns by spectacular city walls built right on the cliffs with vast rocks. There are four gates in the wall facing north, south, east and west. Originally eight stone tablets stood outside the four gates. They were considered the symbols of Qingyan Ancient Town. Of the eight, the most famous one is called Zhao Lunli Baisui (longevity) Fang.

The inner town is graced by well preserved ancient buildings including monasteries, temples, cabinets, caves, courtyards and palaces, over 30 types at total. All of them were delicately designed by the skillful architects of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Wandering on the ancient business streets, you will be fascinated by the elegant classical wooden houses. It is a wonderful experience to stop at one of those tea houses and have a taste of the famous local snacks, such as Qingyan tofu, rice tofu and rose sugar. Besides, you can also see a number of exquisite articles, such as the stone sculptures of Ciyun Temple and wooden sculptures of Shoufo Temple.

In addition to the marvelous architectures, the rich religious culture including Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism and Christianity will also deeply impress you. If you are interested in Buddhism and Taoism, you can take this chance to learn the typical Buddhism and Taoism culture here. Also, you can communicate with some residents who are Catholic and Christian to learn the Catholicism was introduced here in 1851 by a French churchman and the Christianity was introduced to Qingyan Town nearly 70 years ago.

Qingyan Town is the hometown for many historical figures, including the Mr. Zhao Yijiong who was the first Zhuang Yuan (winner of the national examination) of Guizhou Province during the Qing Dynasty. Mr. Chang Pinggang, the General Secretary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen was a county fellow of Qingyan Town.

Qingyan Ancient Town not only is an ideal place for visitors to visit the historical architectures, but also a fantastic place to learn about Chinese ancient culture. If you have enough time, it is advisable to stay in the town for one or two days. You can grasp a better sense of the classical elegance of this unique ancient town in the early morning.

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