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Jiaxiu Tower

Jiaxiu Tower

Situated on Fuyu Bridge over the Nanming River in the south of Guiyang City, Jiaxiu Tower also called the First Scholar's Tower was originally built in 1598 in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Having been repaired for six times, the existing Jiaxiu Building was built in 1909. As witness of Guiyang history as well as the symbol of the Guiyang culture, the magnificent and unique tower was inscribed as a national key protected site in 2006.

In ancient times, many intellectuals studied very hard for the scholarly honor or official rank in feudal China. In order to encourage them, the local majesty ordered a tower be built and conferred on it the name of Jiaxiu. The name Jiaxiu literally means getting the very best in imperial examinations. Thereafter, Guizhou was honored successively by three number one scholars as expected. Rumors say that two of the three lived nearby the Nanming River.

Supported by stone pillars, Jiaxiu Tower is a three-story tower rising height of 20 meters (66 feet). The Jiaxiu Building is a typical Chinese style with flying ridges, overhanging eaves. Inset in the beautiful landscape with waters and hills, the tower is in classical elegance with green tiles, red pillars, engraved windows and white stone parapets. In Ming and Qing dynasties, Jiaxiu Building was a gathering place popular with scholars and literati. Thanks to its amazing view of the surrounding hills, the living vitality of the nearby cottages and smokes and changeable wonders of the four seasons, many celebrities were inspirited and created a large number of praising inscriptions and paintings. Standing on the tower, you will be fascinated by the spectacular view of the surrounding city scenery. At night, the tower decorated with lanterns is beautifully reflected in water, creating the most impressive night scene.

A cultural as well as a historical relic, Jiaxiu Tower houses the authentic works and paintings of many ancient calligraphers'. Nowadays, most visitors are attracted to this tower to see the exhibitions of the calligraphy pieces, woodcrafts and stone tablets inscribed with poems.

In addition to the spectacular tower, you can also visit the Cuiwei Garden, one part of the site. The garden is an ancient architectural complex of Ming and Qing styles consisting of Gongnan Pavilion, Cuiwei Pavilion and Longmen Academy. In the garden, the newly constructed exhibition hall demonstrates traditional costumes of ethnic groups living in Guizhou Province, such as Miao, Dong, Yi, Shui, Gejia, Tujia, Buyi. These amazing dresses and adornments and handiworks of embroidery and batik are the embodiment of the colorful Chinese ethnic cultures.

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