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View Of Li River

1-Day Li River Hiking Trip

Tour Facts

  • Tour Days: 1 days
  • Tour Code: GL-5
  • Tour Price: From US$138/Person
  • Destination: Guilin

Detail Itinerary

For outdoor lovers, hiking along the Li River is a great opportunity to see the gorgeous Li River scenery close-up and local life. The most popular route is from Yangdi to Xingping, which is about 22 kilometers long and takes about 5 hours.

  • After a one hour drive from Guilin, you will arrive at Yangdi from where you will start to enjoy Li River hiking. During this whole day's hiking, you will cross the river for three times by the ferry boat and pass six nature villages to reach the old town – Xingping. On the way, you can not only get into touch with the natural beauty, but also have a fascinating insight into life in rural China.

    Meals: Lunch

    If you prefer a self-service tour, we would like to offer the following detailed route for your reference. Before your tour, we kindly suggest you take a detailed map with you.

    The most popular hiking route of Li River Hiking is from Yangdi to Xingping. The 22 km route is considered to cover the essence of Lijiang River. The entire trip takes five to six hours by foot. Compared to take a Li River Cruise, hiking is a far more peaceful way to enjoy the Li River. You can walk at your own pace, stopping here and there by the river. It is a good chance to close to the nature and to fully appreciate the beautiful Li River and enticing karst landscapes. Along the route, you will follow the trail in the bamboo forest, tramp over golden rice fields and go through several small villages. The tour will lead you to the dreamy rural scenery. You will not miss the highlights along the river, such as Langshi Scenery, Nine Horse Mural Hill and Yellow Cloth Shoal.

    The route from Yangdi to Xingping is one of the most classic hiking routes around China. The 22 km long hiking route is divided into two sections Yangdi–Nine Horse Mural Hill (Jiumahua Mountain) (10 km) and Nine Horse Mural Hill (Jiumahua Mountain)–Xingping (12 km). Here is the detailed step by step information:

    If you start from Guilin, there is no direct bus to Yangdi which is 46 km from Guilin. You can go to the Bus Station to take the bus to Yangshuo and change a minibus to Yangdi at the Entrance of Yangdi Road. It takes about 2 hours at a whole.

    If you start from Yangshuo, you can go to Yangshuo Bus Station to take the bus to Yangdi Ferry directly. The first shuttle leaves at 6:40 in the morning and runs at an interval of 20 minutes. It takes about 1.5 hours.

    After getting to Yangdi Ferry, on the left side is the ticket office for the ferry boat. You can also buy food and daily necessities here. There is a public toilet near the ferry which is of great significance for you, as you won't find a more decent on the way. Toilets indeed are available in some villages you will pass but you may consider avoiding them. The beautiful Yangdi ferry is surrounded by a bamboo forest. Walking down the riverside and turn right, you will find the ferry boat.

    After crossing the river, your hiking tour starts here. You will hike along the path covered with rubbles, which may become very muddy after heavy rains. So a pair of comfortable shoes will be helpful. About 30 minutes walk further leads to a riverside village, called Langshi Village. Langshi means the rocks washed by the waves. It is so named because lots of rocks are piled at the river bank in the village. Walking in the old and primitive village, you will be impressed at the traditional lifestyle of local people. Along the small rivers, you may find the local women are washing their clothes. Around the fields, it is usually to see that farmers are doing their farm works. The section of hiking will take you about 1 hour and offer you a chance to enjoy the marvelous scenery and close to the rural life.

    At the end of the village, you will find lots of stone steps. Walk down the steps and here the second ferry journey is waiting for you. The second ferry here is called Quanjiazhou Ferry, and the ferry will take you to another side of the river. After your disembarkation, look backward and you will find a nummular hill with a small part concaving in the middle, the locals call it Apple Mountain because of its shape.

    Along the mountain road, you hike forward for about half an hour to come to a fork road. The one on the right hand is short but is a little rural path not good to walk, while the one on the left is longer but along the river bank with better scenery. The beautiful scenery will feast your eyes with verdant hills and crystal-clear water. After walking for about 15 minutes, you will reach a small dock where you can buy some fruits or drinks. Ending of the rural roads, you will pass a period cement dyke which is much easier to walk. After some little stone bridges and the cement dyke, the little mountain trail is waiting for you. There is a sign with a blue arrow beside the path and please follow the direction to turn right to go ahead. Hiking for a while, you will arrive at Laocuntou Village, where you may find a restaurant to have lunch or have a rest.

    Along the bank further downstream, the road reaches the Nine Horses Mural Hill which is one of the highlights along the river. It was so named because of the naturally shaped image of nice horses in different positions on the cliff. The person will be considered as smart as long as he can recognize as many as possible. Walking for about 30 minutes, you will reach the end of the village, where you arrive at the last ferry - Lengshui Ferry.

    When almost at Xingping, you will come across a famous sight, Yellow Cloth Shoal, the very scenery where our government used on the back side of CNY currency of 20.00Yuan. It is an ideal place to take pictures. After about 2-3 hours hiking along the cement road, you will reach Xingping Village. Walking on the old street of the village, you will find the houses built in the very original style and experience the local life style. Going forward along the Xingping old street, you will come to the bus station where you can take the bus to Yangshuo. The last bus from Xingping to Yangshuo leaves at 17:00, so please arrange your time properly in case of missing the last bus. After one hour drive, you will arrive at Yangshuo.

    Kind notice: Please prepare some snacks and bottled water with you, since this will be a long way and you may feel thirsty and hungry.

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