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Great Wall of China

Beijing Tours

Beijing is one of the best tourist cities in China, especially for first-time visit. There are Great Wall of China to hike, Forbidden City to learn about Chinese’s History and Hutong to experience the local life.

If you want to hike the Great Wall of China, Beijing is the best place. From the easiest section in Badaling to a much harder one in Jingshanling, Beijing has more than 5 sections with different difficulty, you can definitely find one fit for you.

The rich connections between Beijing Airport and other cities in the world make it convenient for people to visit city. And in most of the time, Beijing is also the first city for people to visit China.

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Check our well-designed Beijing tours for your inspirations of what to see in Beijing. If you want a tailor-made tour, just feel free to let us know, from a history learning, to a family visit in a local family, to hiking in great wall, we can always meet your needs.

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Great Wall of China

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